Darmstadt University is a public institution, as outlined under (EU) 2016/2102, and is as such bound to provide uninhibited accessibility to both its websites and infrastructure in accordance with the Hessian Behinderten-Gleichstellungsgesetz (HessBGG), in addition to Hessian constitutional regulations regarding accessibility to IT (HVBIT), both of which adhere strictly to the accessibility guidelines applied by (EU) 2016/2102.

Whilst this statement of responsible accessibility applies wholeheartedly for the official website, alongside other events Darmstadt University supports, we cannot be held responsible for the contents of websites or sub-domains claiming to be related to us, which are neither directly and clearly registered with, nor regulated or administered by, our Web Content-Management-System (Web-CMS, administered via [ITDuA]).


The state of affairs

Our website concurrently abides by EU 2016/2102 guidelines, and present HessBGG administrative directives, by dint of existing HVBIT stipulations.


The few areas we need to address.

Not yet fully accessible:

  • PDF files on the website.
  • Videos which may exhibit links.
  • Images not fully accessible, some animations may not be available in their entirety.
  • Contents compiled using Javascript may be curbed.

Why we check PDF Files

We have many PDF files to process registered with us prior to 23.09.2018.

Rules to adding files include:

  • Your description of the presentable file you wish made available (instructions at: BBPO) to give us a useful perspective.
  • All previous versions will need to be updated to comply with current standards.


  • Documents stemming from certified third parties, should these be, as yet, unexamined.
  • We reserve the right to alter documents submitted, should a cause appear. Please adhere to all requirements. Thank you.

Video contents

  • We are presently unable to upload video content presented with an audio track.

Images & Animations

  • A accessible implementation of the content elements with Javascript functionality is planned for the next technically necessary upgrade of the CMS system used.
  • Accessible preparation of the image material (alt text, description) is communicated to the editors, but is not technically enforced.

Justification content elements with javascript functionality

  • An accessible implementation of the content elements with Javascript functionality is planned for the next technically necessary upgrade of the CMS system used.
  • A barrier-free preparation of the content with a poor use of the elements achordion, tabs, content slider is recommended to the editors, a technical restriction does not take place.

Accessible alternatives

In case of non-accessible enrollment documents, please contact the Student Service Center. In case of non-accessible examination regulations/module handbooks/BBPOs, please contact the examination offices in the departments* or submit your request to the examination office of the h_da:

* in this overview, only the departments served by the web services are listed.
An overview of all departments at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences can be found at University > Departments


For other cases, please use the feedback option below.

In the case of videos without audio description, please contact the appropriate provider (department, institute or division) that provides the video. Contact information is offered in the footer of each page in a standardized manner.

Creation of this accessibility statement

This statement was created on 01.11.2021.
Methodology of the assessment: Self-assessment


You will receive notice of your complaint regarding mobility within six weeks. Should this not have been the case, your motion is open to be heard by the expressed representatives of the Hessian State Parliament.

Enforcement and Monitoring Agency for Accessible Information Technology

Hessisches Ministerium für Soziales und Integration
Sitz: Regierungspräsidium Gießen

Prof. Dr. Erdmuthe Meyer zu Bexten
Landesbeauftragte für barrierefreie IT
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